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We provide information, technical assistance and training on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

 Since 1992, our staff have provided accurate, quality, confidential services tailored to the needs of businesses, local governments, and individuals.

When you need ADA technical Assistance, call 1-800-949-4232.

2016 National ADA Symposium June 19-22, Denver, CO

General information about the National ADA Symposium is available at www.adasymposium.org

The ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program (ACTCP) is designed for ADA Coordinators or anyone interested in becoming an ADA Coordinator.

    Learn more about this unique program.  >>>

The Learning Center presents ADA information in user-friendly mini-tutorials and videos.

Go to the Learning Center!  >>>


Latest News

ADA Update: A Primer for State and Local Governments was released June 8th by the U.S. Dept. of Justice to help state and local governments understand their obligations under Title II of the ADA.

The Department of Labor has developed a timeline of legislation and major events that promoted the employment and independence of people with disabilities to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the ADA.  Please take a moment to...