The majority of businesses in the Great Plains region are considered small businesses (less than 500 employees.)  These businesses, whether they have only a few employees or are managed by a single owner,  are covered by Title III of the ADA. They are required to provide equal access to goods and services to their customers with disabilities under Title III of the ADA

 Some of the things a business may need to do to provide equal access include:

  • Provide goods and services in an integrated setting with other customers or patrons.
  • Eliminate unnecessary eligibility standards or rules such as showing a driver's license as the only acceptable form of identification.
  • Allow individuals with disabilities to bring service animals into the business.
  • Provide auxiliary aids such as an interpreter when necessary to ensure effective communication.
  • Provide physical access to the building by providing accessible parking, ramps, and widened doorways.

    Small business owners are not required to take actions that would cause an undue burden or would change the fundamental nature of their business.  Businesses in existing facilities are only required to make physical changes that are "readily achievable"-changes that are relatively inexpensive and easy to make.

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