Join the 1500+ members of this unique program designed to meet the training and professional needs of ADA Coordinators.

The ADA Coordinator Training Certification Program (ACTCP) was developed by the Great Plains ADA Center in response to the continuing need for professionals with the knowledge base necessary to oversee ADA compliance in their organizations and state and local governments.

ACTCP certification verifies that participants have completed training in required content area and have passed an examination of depth of knowledge in ADA issues. Upon completion of the program, ACTCP certifies a knowledge-base essential to performing the role of an ADA Coordinator, including:

• Establishing and overseeing grievance procedures.

• Conducting self-evaluation plans.

• Implementation of transition plans.

• Monitoring on-going progress.

• Communicating policy.

• Coordinating activities among a number of departments.

• Identifying and utilizing appropriate resources.

• Knowledge of ADA regulations and guidelines.

• Effective use of resources.

ACTCP also provides professional support and networking for members.

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