Last Updated October 23, 2017

Resources on the ADA and related disability laws.

ADA Accessibility Guidelines & Standards: Guides and Standards

General ADA Information

Title II-State & Local Governments: Emergency Preparedness

Information Technology

Title II-State & Local Governments: General/Rights & Responsibilities

Specific Topics: Parking

Title II-State & Local Governments: Other

Title II-State & Local Governments: Voting

Title III-Business/Goods & Services: Small Business


Title III-Business/Goods & Services: Hotel/Lodging

Title I-Employment: Supervision

Title III-Business/Goods & Services: Other

ADA Accessibility Guidelines & Standards: Other

Specific Topics: Child Care

Title III-Business/Goods & Services: Health Care

Title II-State & Local Governments: Law Enforcement

Title I-Employment: Veterans’ and Employment

Specific Topics: Service Dogs

ADA Accessibility Guidelines & Standards: Recreation

ADA Accessibility Guidelines & Standards: Public Rights of Way

Title I-Employment: Reasonable Accommodation

Title III-Business/Goods & Services: General/Rights & Responsibilities