Public entities and private businesses are required to provide recreation activities and services that are accessible.

Public entities such as local cities, counties and schools are required to provide "program access" to all recreational activities and services. For more information about program access obligations, visitRecreation and Program Access.

Private businesses with recreational facilities such as hotels and gyms are required to provide access to individuals with disabilities unless doing so would cause an "undue hardship" financially or administratively.

Recreation Regulations and Guidelines

2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design

The 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design became effective March 15, 2012.All new construction, additions and alterations after this date must adhere to the 2010 standards.


Note:The 2010 Standards include additional guidelines for the following recreational elements:

These elements must comply with the 2010 Standards, whether they are existing or new construction.  There is no safe harbor for these elements, even if they were constructed prior to March 12, 2012.

A Summary of Accessibility Guidelines for Play Areas

Accessibility Guidelines for Outdoor Developed Areas

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